3 Types Of Discoveries For A Car Accident Lawsuit And Tips For The Discovery Process

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3 Types Of Discoveries For A Car Accident Lawsuit And Tips For The Discovery Process

24 July 2015
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If you have been injured in a car accident, you may have decided to pursue a case against the person at fault. If your car accident lawyer has advised you to sue, there will be a process of "discovery."  The discovery discloses the case facts and documents to the party being sued before your case is tried. Here are some tips for the discovery process along with the types of discoveries that may be associated with your case:

Tips for the Discovery Process

  1. Be open with your car accident attorney. If you fail to disclose something, you may limit your lawyer's ability to present a strong case.
  2. Don't lie. Even if your claims are valid, if you are caught being dishonest, you may lose your case.
  3. Understand beforehand that every detail of your case will probably be disclosed at some time during the discovery process.

3 Types of Discoveries

Discovery in Writing

Questions and answers about your claim can be recorded in writing and shared with the defendant before trial. This gives the defendant and his or her attorney a reasonable opportunity to prepare the defense. The discovery's questions can be generic inquiries that are already printed on a form. However, they can also be specific to your car accident claims. 

Deposition Statements

Sworn statements that are presented before a judge prior to the actual trial and recorded by a court reporter are called "depositions." These transcripts help ensure that no one changes his or her story during the trial. In addition, depositions disclose the details of each side's argument.

Your car accident lawyer will guide you through the deposition. However, he or she will probably advise you not to answer any question with a guess. Admitting that you don't have knowledge of something can be an acceptable response. In addition, you should never offer lengthy explanations. It is best to simply answer the question that has been posed. A lengthy explanation during a deposition can provide the defendant with more ammunition for trial.

Production of Documents

If a you or the defendant desires to see a document that is related to the lawsuit, the document should be provided. Due to the lengthiness of some case-related documents, some courts allow the documents to be viewed electronically via computer.

When you pursue a lawsuit due to your automotive accident, the disclosure of case-related facts and documents to the defendant will be required. If you have questions about the discovery process, contact a car accident attorney, like Antonucci Frank & Associates Attorneys, today.