What Tactics Can An Insurance Adjuster Use To Deny Your Claim?

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What Tactics Can An Insurance Adjuster Use To Deny Your Claim?

8 February 2016
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One of the most challenging aspects of settling a personal injury case is negotiating with the insurance company. If you are lucky, the company will be open to negotiate and act in good faith. However, there is a chance that the company could resort to improper tactics to avoid paying the claim. To help you spot an improper tactic, here are some of the most commonly attempted and what you can do.

You Did Not File in Time

A possible tactic the insurance company might use is to state that you did not file your claim in time. There are time limits that are placed on various aspects of a personal injury case, but you should never rely on the insurance adjuster to determine whether or not you have missed the deadlines. 

If the adjuster tries to deny your claim based on the time limit, you need to check your state's laws regarding when you are required to notify the insurance company of your intent to file a claim and how long you have after that to actually file the claim. You also need to know how much time you have to take your case to court, if necessary. 

Once you have determined the time limits, check your dates. If the insurance company is incorrect regarding your claim, contact the adjuster and inform him or her that you are aware of the time limits. You also need to provide him or her with documentation that shows the date of the accident to show when the clock started on your claim. For instance, you can provide a police report with the date and time of the accident listed. 

You Need to Sue Another Company

If more than one party was involved in the accident, the insurance adjuster that you filed your claim with might try to force you to contact the other insurance company for compensation. The adjuster might even claim that you legally have to go after the company of the person most responsible for your injuries. 

In actuality, you have the legal right to file a claim with either company. Depending on your state's laws, you might even be able to file a claim against both companies. 

Inform the adjuster that you aware of your rights and that you are choosing to continue your claim with that particular company. 

Insurance adjusters might use a range of other tactics to prevent you from collecting payment for injuries and damages you suffered in an accident. Consult with a personal injury attorney (or visit sites like http://www.danielgoodmanlaw.com) to determine what you can do to counter those tactics.