FAQ About Filing A Birth Injury Lawsuit Against A Physician

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FAQ About Filing A Birth Injury Lawsuit Against A Physician

3 August 2016
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Was your baby deprived of oxygen during the birth process and ended up with brain damage? It is possible that your physician did not take the proper measure for making sure your baby was not in fetal distress. You might be able to sue the physician for your baby having brain damage. This article will answer some of the questions that you might have about hiring a lawyer to file a birth injury lawsuit.

What Kind of Information Will a Lawyer Need?

A lawyer will need information that helps him or her determine if you have a solid case against the physician. You must explain what went on during the time that you were receiving prenatal care. For instance, the lawyer will likely ask if your physician ever mentioned the possibility of your baby being in distress. You will also be asked about the measures that the physician took to bring your baby out of distress, if any were taken.

How Will Evidence Be Obtained to Prove Negligence?

You must give your lawyer medical documents that explain the symptoms your baby experiences from the brain injury. The lawyer will show the medical documentation to other physicians to get their opinion on why the brain injury occurred. He or she will also ask the physicians what they would have done upon learning that your baby was in distress.

What Can Be Compensated in the Lawsuit?

You will be able to receive compensation for future medical expenses that comes with your baby being treated for the brain injury symptoms. You can also receive money for medical expenses that have already been paid in regards to the brain injury. Any time that you have missed from work to take care of your baby's medical needs can be compensated. Handicap accessible items for your child as he or she grows up, mental anguish, as well as pain and suffering can be included in the lawsuit.

Will a Lawyer Require Money Upfront for Assisting?

When dealing with a medical malpractice case, lawyers will usually only change on a contingency basis. You will pay the lawyer after the case is actually won in court. The amount of money paid will depend on how much money you are awarded. You should expect to pay your lawyer up to 40% of what is won. Make an appointment to explain your situation to a lawyer as soon as possible so you can be rightfully compensated.

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