Answering A Few Questions About Worker's Compensation Claims

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Answering A Few Questions About Worker's Compensation Claims

5 August 2016
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Worker's compensation insurance is among the more important protections that workers can enjoy. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may be unsure about these claims, which can make it difficult for them to understand what to expect from this process. Once you have these few worker's compensation questions and concerns addressed, you will find yourself better prepared for the process of filing for these benefits.

Why Would Your Claim Be Denied?

Sadly, there can be instances where the insurance company may not honor your claim. When a claim is denied, it can be an extremely stressful experience as you may feel that you have nowhere to turn. Often, the insurance will deny these claims based on arguments that the injury is not related to work or was an existing condition. In these instances, you should be aware that you will be able to file an appeal. During the appeal process, your attorney will be able to submit records, testimony from experts and any other available evidence to help prove that your injuries occurred due to your job responsibilities or work environment.

What Is Covered Under A Worker's Compensation Claim?

When your claim is approved, your medical expenses will be completely covered. This will include both short-term treatments and longer-term rehabilitation as well as prescription medications. In addition to covering medical expenses, you will also qualify to continue receiving wages. The amount of these wages will likely be less than what you normally make, but it can be an essential form of support during this stressful time. If you had to pay for part of the care out of your own pocket prior to filing these claims, you may be eligible for being compensated for these expenses. For this reason, you will want to retain any records of these expenses.  

What Happens If You Are Unable To Return To Your Previous Job?

Depending on the severity of your injury, you might find that you are unable to return to your previous position. This can be a devastating and stressful realization to have. However, worker's compensation policies will offer you some protection against this risk. If your claim is approved and you are unable to recover enough to return to your previous job, your employer will be required to offer you another position if it is available. In cases where there is not a suitable job available for you, the employer will be required to pay for you to be retrained for a new career that is suitable for your condition.

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