Three Examples Of Ordinary Objects That May Be Considered Attractive Nuisances For Kids

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Three Examples Of Ordinary Objects That May Be Considered Attractive Nuisances For Kids

9 August 2016
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Most people know that a swimming pool is an attractive nuisance, which means it is an attractive and dangerous object as far as kids are concerned. However, a swimming pool isn't the only attractive nuisance homeowners should be worried about. Here are three other common objects that can attract and injure kids, and how you should prevent such injuries:


An automobile is an attractive nuisance whether it is running or not. Neighbors' kids can climb over your fence to play in or with your scooter or car, which can easily lead to an injury. Apart from parking it in a garage and locking the garage doors, here are other measures to prevent your automobile from causing injuries to kids:

  • Remove the keys so kids can't start the automobile.
  • Lock the doors and windows so kids can't easily get into the vehicle.
  • Keep the top of the convertible up so they can't get in from the top.

Household Appliances

Children are naturally inquisitive, especially about things they don't understand. It's reasonable to expect that most children don't know how appliances operate and are therefore curious about them. They also make perfect playthings. Washing machines and refrigerator are perfect examples of such appliances. Here are a few precautions to keep kids away from such appliances:

  • Strip off the appliances' doors so that they don't make good hiding places for playing kids and the kids can't get trapped in them.
  • Use proper disposal methods for all old appliances; don't leave them lying around your yard for months.

Power Tools/equipment

Power tools can be very dangerous; they can even lead to fatal injuries. Examples of such tools include a table saw, lawn mowers, and nail gun, among others. The safety precautions for power tools depend on the specific tool you have, but most of them involve making the tool inoperable.

Here are a few examples of helpful measures:

  • Unplug the extension cord or turn off the tool when leaving it unattended.
  • Don't leave such tools unattended for long periods; store them in the garage or tool shade instead of leaving them in the yard.
  • For equipment that requires keys to run, take the keys with you when you leave.

An injury caused by an attractive nuisance doesn't automatically make a homeowner responsible for the damages. Instead, the court will analyze the circumstances of the injury, including whether the homeowner had reason to know that kids could trespass on their property, before making a decision. If you have been sued for a personal injury or death that occurred on your property, consider contacting a firm like Fitzsimmons & Vervaecke Law Firm for assistance.