How to Help Your Truck-Accident Attorney Win Your Case

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How to Help Your Truck-Accident Attorney Win Your Case

22 August 2016
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After a truck accident, clients feel stressed, scared, and worried about the future. They are unsure of how they are going to pay their regular bills, pay for medical treatment, and take care of the basic necessities of life while they are off work after the accident. They may also be nervous about taking the necessary time off work to heal, as they are worried that time off will cause a hardship for their family. It is important to retain the services of a qualified attorney to help you after you are involved in a truck accident. If you are currently working with a truck-accident attorney to help you win a favorable settlement after an accident, the following tips will help you assist your attorney in providing competent representation and reaching an appropriate settlement on your behalf.

Compile Evidence

Your attorney needs all the evidence you can provide. Your own witness statement, as well as statements from other witnesses, can go a long way toward proving your case. Pictures of the scene, your vehicle, and your injuries are also helpful. Medical bills and doctor's records can help prove your case. If you are unsure if a piece of information will be helpful, provide it to your attorney and let him make the decision. It's better to provide more information than less.

Attend All Appointments

It is also important to attend all scheduled appointments. This includes appointments with your attorney, your medical care providers, and insurance-company investigators. You also have to be present at all court hearings unless your attorney can provide representation for you without requiring your presence. Any missed appointments can show that you don't care about proving your side of the case or cast doubt about the severity of your injuries.

Set the Emotion Aside

In the aftermath of a severe accident, it is easy to be overwhelmed by emotion. This can cause outbursts and other issues. Leave the emotion aside when you are dealing with your attorney, court personnel, and medical personnel. Keep things factual so a fair decision can be made in a timely manner.

Don't Let Stress Take Over

Stress can cause you to make poor choices or act on impulse. Don't let stress resulting from your accident take over and make you act irrationally. Stay calm and ask your attorney for advice if you aren't sure what to do in any given situation. This will help your attorney represent you and keep you from damaging your case.

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