Types Of Accidents That Are Possible When A Log Truck Is Involved

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Types Of Accidents That Are Possible When A Log Truck Is Involved

3 September 2019
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A log truck is one of the heaviest commercial vehicles on the road, which means that motorists will often give it a wide berth on the road. While most log trucks reach their destination without incident, there's always the chance of this type of commercial vehicle being in an accident with a car. Unfortunately, there are many different ways that a car and a log truck can come into contact, and these collisions often result in serious injuries for the driver of the car. Here are some accidents that are possible with a log truck — and if you've been involved in one of these incidents, speak to an accident attorney who handles commercial vehicle accidents.

Unsecured Log

One type of serious accident that is possible with a log truck occurs when one of the logs rolls off the truck and makes contact with your vehicle — resulting in damage to your vehicle and an injury to you. This is a case that any commercial vehicle accident attorney will be eager to handle for you because it's one that will likely end in a win. The transportation company has a legal obligation to keep its load secured, and a log that rolls loose indicates negligence in this area.

Overhanging Log

Sometimes, log trucks will carry logs that are longer than the trailer — typically making them visible by hanging a colored cloth or other signage in this area. While this is common, trucking companies must always adhere to the rules of the road that govern how long their loads can be. Sometimes, a company may carry something longer than the allowable length, which means that the log may hang off the back of the truck too far. As a motorist, it's possible that you could misjudge this distance — especially if the truck were to stop quickly — and run into one of the overhanging logs. Your attorney will argue that the excess length of the cargo was a factor in the accident.

Rollover Incident

It's possible for the log truck to be directly involved in an accident with you — even if it didn't physically make contact with your vehicle. For example, if the log truck were to roll over, perhaps because of going around a ramp or a curve too quickly, all of the other motorists in the vicinity may need to take evasive maneuvers. You could end up in an accident as a result, and your attorney will point blame at the log truck rollover as being the catalyst for the accident.

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