Legal Action May Be Appropriate After These Playground Accidents

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Legal Action May Be Appropriate After These Playground Accidents

26 November 2019
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If you have young children, you likely spend a fair amount of time watching them play at the local playground. Most playground visits should go well, but some can result in your child getting hurt. A child who stumbles while running or falls off the monkey bars can end the playground visit prematurely, but there are times that your child is hurt more seriously. This can be especially upsetting when you believe that the playground's lack of proper maintenance played a pivotal role in the incident. Hiring a personal injury attorney and discussing a suit against your city may be appropriate following these playground accidents.


Cuts are a serious concern for children because of their tender skin and because a scar could last for a long time, resulting in considerable emotional distress. It is possible for your child's fun on the playground to result in a serious cut if the playground was in some form of disrepair. For example, perhaps the metal slide had a jagged edge that caught your son's or daughter's arm as he or she slid down it. Or, maybe one of the rungs on a ladder was rusted and sharp, resulting in a gash to your child's hand or knee.

Equipment Failure–Related Falls

Most of the time that your son or daughter falls while at the playground, it will simply be due to him or her running too quickly or otherwise being a little out of control. There are some falls, however, that can be a direct result of the failure of the playground equipment. For example, if the play structure has a modest zipline, your child might enjoy using it. However, if the handle were to break off during use and cause your child to plummet a couple of feet to the ground, this negligence could result in a serious injury.

Rust Issues

If a city's playground doesn't receive regular maintenance, parts of its metal can become rusted. Rust isn't immediately a concern, but as it continues to worsen, it may become an injury risk. A rusted climbing platform could weaken to the point that it gives way under your child's weight, causing them to fall. A child who scrapes him- or herself on rust could also be at risk of tetanus. A good personal injury attorney will work hard on your family's behalf to ensure that the city is accountable for its negligence.