How Will Your Legal Advisor Create A Strong Case Against The Driver Who Knocked You Down When Riding? Find Out

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How Will Your Legal Advisor Create A Strong Case Against The Driver Who Knocked You Down When Riding? Find Out

4 January 2023
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If a motorist knocks down and injures you when riding your motorbike, you can take legal action against them for their negligence. However, you must have compelling evidence to prove that the wrongdoer hit you and made you suffer harm for you to succeed. Unfortunately, it might be changing to gather and preserve the information needed to hold them accountable if you're severely hurt. In such a case, it might be advisable to enlist the services of a legal advisor to assist you in preparing and filing a claim for you. They will use the following evidence to build a strong case against the wrongdoer and pursue every dollar you deserve.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage can be very useful when proving that the wrongdoer was responsible for your injuries. It will show the motorist was driving carelessly before hitting you, proving that they should take full responsibility for your losses. Your lawyer can use different surveillance footage to hold the negligent driver accountable. This includes the images captured by your helmet camera or the vehicle's dash cam. They can also use the evidence captured by surveillance cameras near the collision. Your lawyer will get this evidence as possible because the wrongdoers might erase the footage to hide evidence.

Reports from Crash Reconstruction

Your legal advisor might also get a crash reconstruction expert to assist them in determining the cause of the crash and who the wrongdoer was. In such cases, these experts will use photos of the collision's area to determine what happened during the crash. They will then create a report that your lawyer will use to prove that the driver who knocked you down was in the wrong.

Statements From People Who Saw the Collision

Statements from people who saw the crash can also be useful in proving that the statement you gave represented the facts of what happened. Note that this will strengthen your case against the wrongdoer and enable your lawyer to negotiate a favorable payment for your losses. However, your lawyer must review the statements before tabling them in court to ensure they have consistent information. This will prevent arguments about the witnesses' credibility, which might weaken your case.

The best way to hold the wrongdoer accountable and compel them to take full responsibility for your damages is by filing a strong claim against them. This is why you should consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you in preparing a lawsuit. They will use the evidence discussed above and other information to create the strongest claim against the negligent driver. 

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