Auto Accident Damages To Your Budget

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Auto Accident Damages To Your Budget

15 February 2023
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Car accidents can mean physical injuries that will keep you out of work and away from your family for some time. However, being hit by a careless driver can also affect your family budget in a major way. Read below to find out how that can happen and what to do about it. 

You Will Be Out of Work 

The nature of your injuries will determine how much time you miss from work. You may only miss a day or so or you might miss several weeks of income. Although many victims have jobs that cover some paid time off, few will pay for several weeks of time off to recover from accident injuries. 

To be paid for lost wages, keep a log of your time away from work and the amount of pay you gave up. Expect to present proof of employment from your job along with proof of your salary. You may use pay statements, income tax returns, and more to show income losses.

Medical Bills Can Pile Up

Everyone knows how costly medical care can be. Unfortunately, some accident victims get billed for expensive medical treatment costs because the insurer delays payment for too long. If fault has not yet been decided, you might end up suffering from a serious injury to your credit score because that issue can delay things even more.

If you have unpaid medical bills, speak to a personal injury lawyer. They will let the insurer know that you are being represented by a lawyer and expect things like your medical bills to be taken care of. Issues about fault can be just an excuse the insurer uses to manipulate victims into accepting a too-low settlement offer. Just having a lawyer on your side should cause the insurer to treat you with more respect. 

Dealing With a Wrecked Vehicle 

Accidents can mean a loss of transportation for victims. If the vehicle can be fixed, an estimate must be done and then the parts will need to be ordered. Repair shops will tell you that parts are in short supply and can take a long time to become available. Then, victims must wait for the vehicle to be fixed. 

In many cases, it's preferable to declare the vehicle a total loss. When insurance adjusters take into consideration the cost of replacement parts, many vehicles that are on the borderline of repairable or a total loss may be deemed a total loss. In that case, victims can expect a check for the value of the vehicle. 

Get help for all the ways you have been impacted by an accident by speaking to a personal injury attorney.