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When I was injured in an accident a few years ago, I knew that I needed to fight for my rights. I hadn't done anything wrong during the accident, but the other party came after me with a team of lawyers. I was left holding the bag for the accident and struggling to recover from my own injuries. This blog is all about choosing a better injury attorney and knowing what to look for. I know that this information would have helped me a few years ago. On this blog you will also find loads of information about what to do after an accident.


Using VA Services During Injury Claims For Greater Success

14 July 2015
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The Veterans Affairs (VA) claim system isn't an easy process to work through for many veterans. Missing medical evidence, difficult claims filing rules and dealing with different physical and mental conditions can make the process--and life in general--hard to deal with. Fortunately, there are VA services that you could use to not only ease some of your pain and hardships, but to make your claim look a bit better. As you work through the claim system, consider a few ways to make the ordeal less painful for you and what to do when you need more than VA assistance. Read More …