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When I was injured in an accident a few years ago, I knew that I needed to fight for my rights. I hadn't done anything wrong during the accident, but the other party came after me with a team of lawyers. I was left holding the bag for the accident and struggling to recover from my own injuries. This blog is all about choosing a better injury attorney and knowing what to look for. I know that this information would have helped me a few years ago. On this blog you will also find loads of information about what to do after an accident.


Do You Need A Workers’ Comp Lawyer? 8 Ways To Know

24 August 2016
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Being injured on the job can be an ordeal, but your workers' comp insurance provides workers like you with a valuable benefit, and at no cost to you. If you qualify, you can expect to have your injury-related medical expenses totally covered, as well as compensation for a portion of your pay while you recuperate at home. When everything goes as it should, you will recover from your injuries and return to work, all without incurring any significant financial losses. Read More …

How to Help Your Truck-Accident Attorney Win Your Case

22 August 2016
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After a truck accident, clients feel stressed, scared, and worried about the future. They are unsure of how they are going to pay their regular bills, pay for medical treatment, and take care of the basic necessities of life while they are off work after the accident. They may also be nervous about taking the necessary time off work to heal, as they are worried that time off will cause a hardship for their family. Read More …

Don’t Let Your Own Words Harm Your Wrongful-Death Case

17 August 2016
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When an individual is arrested, they are told that anything they say can and will be used against them. While you aren't given these instructions when initiating a wrongful-death case, understand that the same rules apply. One of the main goals of insurance companies is to settle claims for as little as possible. If you say the wrong thing, not only do you help them achieve this goal, but you could totally derail your case. Read More …

When Neighbors Are A Real Buzzkill: Suing For Damages Over Destroyed Beehives

11 August 2016
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There's a rising concern among environmentalists and nature-lovers over the declining honeybee population—as a result, there's been increased interest in urban beekeeping in many areas around the nation. Even major urban centers, like New York City, Denver, and Minneapolis, have repealed old laws that forbade beekeeping within city limits. However, not everyone is buzzing with joy over the change, which has led to some serious disputes and outright destruction of hives. Read More …

3 Types Of Damages You Can Receive In A Personal Injury Case

11 August 2016
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If you've been injured or otherwise wrongfully harmed due to another party's gross negligence, then you might be able to sue them for damages through a personal injury suit. There are a wide array of monetary issues that damages can cover. Read on and discover just a few of the types of damages you can receive as a successful plaintiff in a personal injury suit. Income If the injury that you received has had any adverse effect on the income that you or your family receives, you might be able to claim income damages. Read More …